Boat Handling Services

Pleasure Craft Lifting

The company is also specialized in the lifting, transport and storage of marine crafts. With over 20 years of experience and the necessary equipment, Swaey Brothers can help you to lift and store your boat safely. We can help you lift and transport your boat to private yards or any premises belonging to the boat owner.

Safe and Secure

We have built a custom, specially-designed boat trailer which can carry any boat, any shape, any size including yachts and powerboats, up to 70 feet. We have the lifting gear with the correct chains and slings. Our equipment is fitted with special link connections which provide access from under the boat to avoid the hassle of having to go aboard.

Our custom frame is designed as what is known as a ‘spreader’, to ensure correct stress distribution and guarantee that no areas of the boat come under excess stress during the lift. We have the ideal combination of lifting gear, personnel and experience. The only service we do not provide related to boats in Malta is boat towing of small boats under 25 feet with trailers to be carried on the road. Boats over this size are lifted with a crane and carried on our custom lifting-gear and trailer. The maximum width we can transport is 16 feet due to the width of the roads.

Over the years, we have become the go-to people in Malta for anyone looking to move a boat.

Commercial Lifting

We also provide specialized lifting services for complicated lifts such as can be the case in certain marinas with very large or unusually shaped vessels. We can cater for vessels such as a catamaran and we can also handle the lifting of large yachts weighing 40 tons and over. 

"Our most challenging lift so far was a 21 foot wide catamaran due to it’s width, but we are always open to all sorts of challenges."

Quintin Vella, Director

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