Crane Repair Services

"I have always loved this type of work. I am very mechanically-minded especially where it comes to hydraulics and other mechanical problems. My hobby has become my work."

Anthony Vella, Director

Problem Rectifying

Swaey Brothers is capable of rectifying any problems which may arise with the use of cranes, such as due to lack of pressure within the system or any other faults which may arise.

Our specialized equipment and technicians, combined with a thorough fault-finding exercise result in the crane being repaired in the shortest amount of time possible.

Structural Repairs

We also have the necessary expertise to carry out structural repairs on cranes. In most cases, this can be done in-house, however, we partner with leading brands worldwide to ensure that your crane is structurally safe should further repair be required.

Crane Safety Equipment

Swaey Brothers is the sole agent for top brands including Pat Krüger and BPE. We can install new safe-load indicator systems on any type of crane and we can repair and calibrate a wide range of SLI systems. We always stock safety equipment such as A2B switches, cable reels, angle sensors, pressure transducers, length sensors and much more.

All-terrain tyre sales & repairs

Swaey Brothers represents Magna tyres in Malta which are specialized in all-terrain tyres. We sell the most common AT tyre sizes and we can replace and repair all-terrain tyres for all your requirements.

General Hydraulic & Electrical repairs

Swaey brothers repairs all types of hydraulic and electrical problems which are common in cranes. These include lack of hydraulic power, leakages, electrical faults, seal replacements, hydraulic hose replacements, hydraulic pump replacements and other required maintenance work not just on the superstructure but also on the carrier, such as suspension links replacement, brakes and more.

Crane Cylinder Repair

We cater for all types of cylinder repairs as found on mobile cranes whether it is telescopic cylinder, derick cylinder or any other cylinders. Whatever the crane size, we can dismantle it with the use of our own cranes. We establish the cause of the problem and repair the cylinder as required. We can even outsource any type of seals, whether OEM or non-original, good-quality seals. We can also send the complete cylinders to other companies abroad which are specialized in more complex repairs such as bent cylinders, scratched chrome and other structural problems.

Wire-rope sales and repairs

We have a wide range of special wire ropes for cranes for sale and replacement. We examine the original wire-rope and take notice of the formation and fit to make sure that the wire-rope given to the client is either to factory specification or even better. We make sure that the pulley system of the crane is up to date and that all the pulleys function correctly. We then also handle the installation of the wire-rope ourselves to ensure that it is properly installed.

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